Exchange 2010 Address List Segmentation

I recently had a scenario where I needed to separate global address lists for two different organizations hosted on the same Exchange 2010 environment.  Each organization was configured as a child-domain of the forest hosting Exchange.

  1. Create a new global address list from the Exchange Management Shell.  You cannot create global address lists from the Exchange Management Console.  New-GlobalAddressList “Organization A” –RecipientFilter {RecipientType –eq “UserMailbox”} –RecipientContainer “organizationa.mydomain.internal”  This command creates a new global address list named Organization A where all mailboxes in the domain organizationa.mydomain.local reside.
  2. Next, create any additional address books if not already created to separate users.  These address books can be assigned to users using an Exchange Address Book Policy as demonstrated in the next step.  Example: New-AddressList “Business Department” –RecipientFilter {((RecipientType –eq “UserMailbox) and (ConditionalDepartment –eq “Business”)}  The following command creates an address list called Business Department and populates it based on the department attribute in Active Directory.  Anyone with the department name Business would be a member of this address list.
  3. Next, create an offline address book utilizing the global address list completed in step 1.  New-OfflineAddressBook “Organization A” –AddressLists “\Organization A”
  4. Next, create an address book policy to assign to users in each domain.  The address book policy controls which GAL, OAB, Address Lists and Room Lists show up for the client.  New-AddressBookPolicy “Organization A Policy” -AddressLists “Business Department” –
    GlobalAddressList “Organization A” -OfflineAddressBook “Organization A” -RoomList “All Rooms”

Assign the address book policy to users in the domain to restrict address lists to only their local domain.  Of course you can always add additional address lists to each policy to allow cross-domain sharing of contacts while keeping the GAL’s separate.


One response to “Exchange 2010 Address List Segmentation

  1. Excellent guide, it’s a shame that we can’t use the EMC

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